uctinc.net is an organized collection of Tinc peers with the purpose of being connected.

While the core group of peers is located around the University of Cincinnati, anyone may register and peer to any other peers on the network. The network is managed by volunteers with the sole purpose of routing things. Membership and allocations are completely free and open, assuming you are able to peer to an existing peer, and follow rules regarding fair network use.

The network was made for the following uses:

  • Ability to connect to devices behind an uncontrolled NAT
  • Secure interconnect between homelabs for remote control, backup transfers, etc.
  • Safe host staging area, networking test area
  • Stable ‘static’ addresses addressable from anywhere within the network
  • Redundant routing of traffic

For more information on peering, check out the peering page.

For more information on membership, check out the membership page.

For more information on allocations, check out the allocations page.

For more information on programmatic access to the membership and allocation records, check out the api page.